Respiration means to suplpy blood with oxey
gen and through out carbon dioxide. Respiration is necessary for living because it is required by living cells of an invidual's body. If you stop brathing, It will take a few minutes to bring you to death.

Functions of respiratory systemEdit

1. Gas Exchange

2. Pulmonary Defense

3. Supplying blood with oxeygen

4. Blood Filteration

Gas ExchangeEdit

This is the main and primary function of respiratory system. The oxygen is inhaled inside our body and the carbon dioxide, as a waste is exhaled outside the body. In addition to this, gas is moved from high pressure areas to low pressure ones.

Pulmonary defenseEdit

This process involves a wide array of filteration which prevents harmful objects to enter in our body. The various innate immune processes are involved here. This defense protects both itself and body. It prevents the harmful substances from the air to enter inside our body.

Supplying blood with oxygenEdit

The oxygen is inhaled through respiration and is supplied to the blood. The oxygen goes into lungs and is absorbed by some tissues which supply it to the blood. This process is continued 24 hours daily.

Blood FilterationEdit

Blood filteration is also a process involved by respiration