The travelling of blood from one part of an invidual's body is called circulation. The system which involves circulation of blood is called circulatory system. This system is made up of muscles and vessels. The muscles help to control the blood.

There are three parts of circulatory system:

a) pulmonary circulation b) coronary circulation c) systemetic circulation

Pulmonary circulationEdit

The blood is moved from heart to lungs and from lungs to heart. This process is called pulmonary circulation. Half of the pulmonary circulation is part of the cardivascular system.

The waste blood is brought to the heart back through pulmonary circulation

Coronary CirculationEdit

In this process, Blood is supplied to the tissues of the heart. This is a circulation of blood in blood vessels.

Systematic CirculationEdit

This is also a part of cardivascular system which provides blood to all the tissues located in all our body. The oxeygenated blood is supplied to the body and deoxygenate blood return from the body to the heart.