Algebra is one of the basic and easiest branches of mathematics. It is needed by us in our daily life. It is necessary to complete any studies of mathematics.

Classifcation of algebraEdit

Algebra has further been classified into five different branches:

  1. Elementary Algebra
  2. Geomatrical Algebra
  3. Abstract Algebra
  4. Linear Algebra
  5. Universal Algebra

Elementary AlgebraEdit

Elementary Algebra is the algebra which includes the simple

Remember that



symbols of mathematics such as ( -,+,×,÷ ) and where calculators are not alloud. examples of elementary algebra are:

  1. a+a=2a
  2. b+b=2b
  3. c+c=2c
  4. z+z=2z

Solving Elemntary Algebraic EquationsEdit

When solving elementary algebraic equations, keep in mind that variables have no value. They are placed in place of real numbers to find them. Rules of solving elementary algebraic equations are very simple.

2+2=4, "if 2 is replaced by a variable "a" then the equation would be like this:

a+a=2a. 2a means 2xa. Now we can prove that elementary algebra is very useful. In the same way, if the equation is 4+4=8, and the 4 is replaced by "a", it would look like this a+a=2a i.e 4+4=2x4=8.