Air Pollution

The substances in the air that pollute air are called air pollutants e.g CFCs, sulpher dioxide, carbon monoxide etc. They are either natural or man-made.

Disturbance of environmentEdit

1. Ozone depletionEdit

Our Earth is surrounded by atmosphere arround us. There are ultra-voilet rays which reach the Earth surface from the Sun are very harmful to human beings and other organisms. They are protected by a layer called ozone layer. The ozone layer is depleted by harmful substances such as CFCs and sulpher dioxide.

depletion of ozone layer was first observed in late 1970s​. The substances that cause depletion of ozone are CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), methane trichloroethane, nitric oxides, halon and methane chloroform. They are released by aircrafts exhausts, refrigerators, generators and some other similar products.

Green house effectEdit

The green house glass is a glass which is made to increase heat around the plants. The glass is placed around the plants. The heat from the Sun then comes inside the glass and no heat goes out from the glass.

When the harmful products are released into the air, they play their role in increasing the temperature of the Earth. This effect on the Earth is called Green house effect.

The average temperature of Earth is increasing. This phenomenon is called global warming.


For better health and educational facilities, people move from rural areas to urban areas. Indutries are being established is urban areas. Villages are changing into towns, towns into cities, cities into mega cities, mega cities into metropolians. Number of vehicles is increasing at a large scale.


Forests are our great source of energy. They provide us oxygen and numerous other raw materials such as wood, timber and medicines. They provide a moderating influence to the climate.

Cutting of forests to meet the demand of wood and other resources is called deforestation. It is a great lose to the environment.